A gentle way to start to unravel ideas to refresh and update your property. This is a great service for those who want to ensure their property is effectively presented to stand out in a competitive market and want to achieve the highest price possible, or for those who's property has been stuck on the market and need to sell fast. 

Offering you a full report, we will suggest lots of ideas to makeover the property and dress your home effectively in preparation for sale. It's amazing how a fresh pair of eyes and some small changes can transform a space! 

We will: 
  • Carry out a site inspection of the entire property. 
  • Liaise with you to get a full understanding of the property and the cliental they are looking to attract. 
  • Product a detailed report containing ideas and recommendations, being mindful of the agreed budget that you wish to spend to undertake the work. We can include quotes to undertake the work, if requested. 
  • Offer additional telephone and/or email support to assist the implementation of the recommendations. 
  • Staging and dressing for estate property images is also available. 

£75 deposit (for initial consultation)
£305 + VAT (including deposit) 

Please note all our package prices vary accordingly. 

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