Trying to decorate your home before finding your style is similar to travelling to an unknown destination without directions. But once you find your own home style it can be such a beautiful feeling. It enables you to completely transform how you are decorating and create a space which reflects you and with turn gives you a sense of pride of home. 
Each one of us is unique, from our fingerprints to our clothes. Even if you went shopping with someone like is completely as like minded to you and purchased the exact same things, you would probably find that both of you would style these items very differently in your home. I have experienced this first hand, with one of my close friends. Despite having many similar interests and a love for shopping for all things home our decorating styles are very different. The chosen colour palette for my home is neutral tones, however my friend enjoys experimenting with bold, rich, colourful tones, which look incredible in her home. See the images below. 

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You Do Have A Style

One thing I have learnt from my friend, is never regret trying something new or out of your comfort zone. Use a mix of style influences to enhance and inspire your own style. With Interior Design and Styling becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are taking to social media platforms to share their individual styles. To someone who has yet to discover what it is they want their home to look like this mix of style influences, can make it harder to know exactly what style or mix you would like in your home. 
As an interior stylist, I regularly receive emails for prospect clients who are looking for advice on how to style their homes. The process of meeting the person/family, getting to know them and discussing their likes and dislikes enables me to quickly grasp an understanding of their style. However, it took me years to grasp who I am stylistically. I have spent copious amounts of time and money, decorating then redecorating, styling and restyling rooms because they just did not make me feel comfortable and at home. Once you have successfully find your decorating style is overwhelming feeling of relief and calm can felt as you walk into any room.  But not only that... you will absolutely LOVE it! 

Let's Find Your Decorating Style...

As mentioned above, one of my first steps when meeting with a client is to find out exactly what their style is. I do this by asking questions and touring their home. One of my favourite Style Quizzes, that inspired me and help me find my style, was created by the best selling author and stylist Emily Henderson. The Home Style Quiz found on her webpage and in her book 'Styled', provides you with a starting point to discover how you want to style your home. It is a fantastic way to help you find the interesting parts of your personality that have an influence on the look you are so craving for. 
Alongside this quiz, you can also take some very simple steps to give you that initial starting point. Because one thing that is very important to remember when finding your decorating style, is that the process will take some time to do and that is absolutely nothing to worry about, all great things take time! 


Take a look around your home and take photographs. 
When you look at these photographs, can find any similarities, do any of the rooms have a flow in style. What is it that you like about these rooms? Are there any particular items which are valuable to you? 
These questions, will begin your journey to finding your unique style. 


This doesn't need to be a hard copy item anymore. Nowadays people are pinning their ideal home/room styles, on a variety of sources; Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz. These are all great ways of gathering ideas of what you like, whilst also allowing you to chop and change as you go along. 

Over time, you should once again begin to find a pattern in your style. 


Once you have started to recognise these key style features that you like, you should be able to narrow this down further. Looking at both the items you have picked out from your home tour and combining these with the images you have selected from your research, you will have identified a main theme and found your style! 


Now you have recognised your unique style, your next step is not go and throw away and replace the items you no longer require and feel will stop you from moving forward with your home style makeover. Take this stage very slowly, but feel confident that you have a plan and you know what it is you looking to achieve! 


Moving forward, when it comes to purchasing new items keep you new decorating style in mind. Try to find items that you love, but will also suit the new home style you making. 

By following these steps, applying focus and staying on track, you will with time have a home you will be proud of and a house that is completely unique to you. 

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