Hi my name is Jessica, or Jess as my friends know me. I live in a market village just outside Norwich in the East of England, with my other half Matt and our beautiful daughter Olivia. 

My passion for home interiors began when we moved into our first home, a 3 bedroom new build property. Most people will argue that a new build lacks character. I, however saw the house as a fresh space which had never been touched and provided us with the opportunity to fully embrace the space and begin putting our own stamp on it. 

As my love for styling areas of my home developed I began to notice that I had a flare for interiors and redesigning spaces. So I decided to begin exploring a new career. I completed a number of courses which enhanced my knowledge base for home interiors and helped to learn new skills which were essential in the industry. 

For the past 3 years I have now been working in the construction and design industry, gaining expertise in creating luxurious and contemporary projects. 

One of favourite parts of being an Interior Stylist is building relationships with clients and working together to a build a home that they love. It is such a personal experience working with a designer as you are entrusting them with your home, therefore making these relationships are essential. 

The following are pictures of my own home so you can get an idea of my style... you may notice I love to use grey! 

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